Enzo’s Pinball

Enzo’s Pinball is a commercially released Android game. I was responsible for interaction design, art direction, and oversaw level design.

The inspiration behind the levels came from the cyberpunk derivative craze at the time we were developing the game. You’ve probably heard of Steampunk, but what about Clockpunk and Atompunk? (Steampunk and Clockpunk come through clearly on their respective levels. The Atompunk idea morphed into a Braun-esque design, taking cues from midcentury consumer products.)

Media coverage from Droid Gamers:

Enzo’s Pinball features full tactile feedback. This means players will literally feel all the action during playing the game as the ball hits bumpers, targets and travels up ramps or any other action you’d feel during playing one in real life.

Aside from being graphically pleasing, Enzo’s Pinball features some seriously realistic gameplay which, if you are a purist, you’ll definitely be happy about. The accelerometer has been used so players can even ’tilt’ the game just like you could on the real tables at arcades.

Additional coverage was provided by The Gadgeteer and Android Guys.

Here are the tables:

Atompunk level

As part of the research for this project, I visited the ultracool Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda, California. If you’re interested in history, Americana, and gaming, I highly recommend you pay it a visit!